About Us

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Nunzio Tumino has spent almost 6 decades in the food and beverage industry. He always had a passion for coffee. It was not until recently that he finally fulfilled a life-long dream and founded this unique roasting company, or as they call it in Italy, torrefattore. Bringing together the team of Bruno Colozza and Karl Edmond has enabled Barocco Coffee to quickly begin establishing its iconic coat of arms as a symbol of ultimate quality.

Using modern technology while respecting traditional roasting methods, Barocco small batch roasts coffee and creates flavourful blends that appeal to a wide variety of taste profiles. Above all, Barocco roasts with quality being its upmost core value.

Meet the Team

Bruno Colozza, before having joined Barocco, founded b espresso bar. With two locations in Toronto, b espresso bar recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and is a 3 time winner of the Krups Cup of Excellence award as Best Independent Espresso Bar in Toronto. Bruno has a keen understanding of customer needs and is a tireless brand builder that always has his focus firmly planted on quality. His passion for all things gastronomy provides for a valued palate at the cupping table. In the position of President, Bruno's leadership is poised to take Barocco into new territory.

Phil Lanzarotta brings a varied and valuable background to Barocco. The former owner of Lanzarotta Wholesale Grocers, head of Supply Chain for Kellogg Canada and most recently President of RxMedia Inc. has applied himself to all areas of Barocco's sales, marketing and operational activities. His vast contact base and keen skill set brings an experienced and stable voice to the company in his role of Senior Vice President.

Karl Edmond has been in the coffee industry for over twelve years. Before joining Barocco, Karl worked his way up the corporate ladder at Starbucks in South Carolina and Georgia as well as roasting for several Atlanta based roasters. He continues to be an active member of the Roaster’s Guild and his passion and relentless pursuit of the perfect cup keeps Barocco at the forefront of industry competition. Karl has an astute sense of taste and is one of Barocco’s pillars. Look for Karl to put his stamp on future Limited Editions as he explores the coffee bean offerings from the world over.

Eliza Leendertse is Barocco's acting Business Manager. With over ten years of industry experience, Eliza not only keeps Bruno and Karl in line (no easy task), but also oversees all customer service, supplier and customer relationships. A graduate of Niagara University with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism, Eliza successfully ran her family's famous Skaneateles Bakery in upstate New York for many years. We look forward to seeing her continued growth with Barocco as a guiding force behind the scenes that helps make it all happen.